About Opocrin

Researching, isolating and developing new and safer biological active pharmaceutical ingredients for human use have been Opocrin’s core business since 1964.

From the small Research Laboratory founded by pharmacologist Prof. Pietro Bianchini, Opocrin has become a world leader in the production of heparin derivatives and one of the biggest players in the active pharmaceutical ingredient sector.


Opocrin works closely with selected partners to develop innovative new products thanks to the possibility of managing all stages of a project, from supplying active pharmaceutical ingredients for clinical trials to the industrialisation of production for commercial purposes.

In recent years, together with our partners, we have developed new heparin derivatives devoid of anticoagulant and antithrombotic activity that have opened up new therapeutic areas.

Opocrin S.p.A. focuses its work on:

1. The development and validation of industrial processes
2. The development and validation of methods of analysis
3. Regulatory support
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Opocrin’s Partners

Opocrin can count on a global sales network through which it operates in more than 50 countries. Since 1964, we have been laying the foundations for solid strategic alliances with important pharmaceutical sector multinationals and developed the export business in partnership with qualified local distributors, in order to be ever closer to our customers.


Global Supply Chain

An ambitious growth strategy has allowed Opocrin to become a solid company able to make the difference on the global market due not least to its considerable capacity for direct starting materials procurement in the USA, Europe and China. Our organisation allows us to follow the entire lifecycle of the product, from the starting material through to placement on the market.

Global presence

Modena, Italy

Corlo di Formigine, Italy

Nonantola, Italy

Trino, Italy

Roma, Italy

Barcelona, Spain

Valle de Santiago, Mexico

Shanghai, China