Ferric carboxymaltose

C.A.S. Number: 9007-72-1

Product description

Ferric carboxymaltose is a complex of iron oxyhydroxide (trivalent iron) and the polymer carboxymaltose. It is an iron replacement product in the form of a dark red powder for injection.

Pharmacological Properties

The iron that dissociates from the complex is bound by iron transport and storage proteins (transferrin and ferritin, respectively) and produces an increase in the reticulocyte count and normalisation of serum ferritin levels. Iron carboxymaltose has a higher level of bioavailability than other iron complexes for injection.


  • Rapid iron supply
  • Intolerance to oral iron therapies
  • Inefficacy of oral iron therapies in inflammatory bowel disease and chronic kidney disease
  • Replenishing the body’s iron reserves in the case of iron-deficiency anaemia
  • In case of reduced haemoglobin levels due to iron deficiency