Iron sucrose

C.A.S. Number: 8047-67-4

Product description

Iron sucrose is a ferric oxyhydroxide complexed with sucrose. It is an iron replacement product in the form of a homogeneous dark brown hygroscopic powder for injection.

Pharmacological Properties

After administration, iron sucrose is bound by ferritin, the normal iron storage protein. It is then stored for later use in the body. Once absorbed by the plasma, iron is transferred to the haemoglobin and stimulates an increase in red blood cells.


Iron sucrose is used to treat iron deficiency in the following indications:

  • Rapid iron supply
  • Intolerance to oral iron therapies
  • Inefficacy of oral iron therapies in inflammatory bowel disease and chronic kidney disease
  • Replenishing the body’s iron reserves in the case of iron-deficiency anaemia
  • In case of reduced haemoglobin levels due to iron deficiency