Heparinoid (High-Activity)

C.A.S. Number: 91053-72-4

Product description

Heparinoid is a mixture of sulphated glycosaminoglycans prepared from a starting material extracted from pig intestines.

Pharmacological Properties

Heparinoid has anti-inflammatory, anti-exudative and anticoagulant effects. It reduces the increased coagulability of blood in the inflammation or wound in the case of injury, prevents the formation of blood clots, accelerates resorption in the case of haematomas, reduces the formation of oedema and has an anti-inflammatory effect, consequently reducing the sensation of tension and pain at the inflammation or wound site.


  • Phlebitis and thrombophlebitis of the superficial veins of various aetiologies and localisations (including varicose veins of the lower limbs and chronic venous insufficiency complicated by phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, periphlebitis, trophic skin disorders)
  • Haemorrhoids (excluding exacerbations accompanied by bleeding).
  • Treatment of local complications after phlebosclerotic therapy, softening of scar tissue with hypertrophic scars
  • Soft tissue contusions, post-traumatic swelling, haematomas, tendon and ligament strains