C.A.S. Number: 57821-29-1

Product description

Sulodexide is a heparin derivative extracted from pig intestines.
Sulodexide is a highly purified preparation containing glycosaminoglycans composed of heparin-like fractions and dermatan.

Pharmacological Properties

Compared to unfractionated heparin, sulodexide has a longer half-life, higher bioavailability and a lesser effect on bleeding factors. The antithrombotic activity of Sulodexide is mainly due to the inhibition of factor Xa and the lesser interference with thrombin (factor IIa), which avoids the consequences of an anticoagulant action. The antithrombotic action is also supported by inhibition of platelet adhesion and activation of the circulating and wall fibrinolytic system. Sulodexide also has a normalising effect on altered lipid values by activating lipoprotein lipase.


  • Prophylaxis and treatment of vascular diseases with increased risk of thrombosis, peripheral arterial occlusive disease and myocardial infarction
  • Treatment of diabetic kidney disease and diabetic neuropathy
  • Anti-inflammatory properties in venous disease